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Water Heater Replacement - Best Electric Hot Water Heaters in Galveston, TX

Electric Water Heater Replacement or Repair?

Water heaters can be repaired if the tank is in good shape. Replacement may be the logical choice if your water heater is out of warranty.   When your electric water heater is acting up, a repair might be the right choice. Simple points to consider:

Repairing a minor water heater issue can be less costly than water heater replacement. Common water heater repairs are drain pan replacements, faulty thermostats, or broken heating elements.  We need to check it out!

If the water heater is old just replace it.   Newer water heaters are more energy-efficient and you will save money on your utility bills. All water heaters we use will have an Energy Star label to show the efficiency of your new water heater.  New water heaters have faster heating times and better insulation.

In the end call the overall plumber to assess what the issue is then you will have information to know if repair or replacement is the best choice.

We always say find yourself a good plumber to help plumbing advise.   We provide free estimates.   Call (979) 665-4150 to schedule an appointment.


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