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Service Your Septic and Sewer Lines in Houston

Sewer Lines and Septic System in Houston Repaired  -  Sewer Line Repair Service

Are you having a problem with your sewer line and are not sure what it is causing the bad smells?  Repairing your sewer line can resolve a great number of problems.  Sewer lines become damaged and blocked for a variety of reasons.  Many times, roots of large plants and trees cause damage to the sewage line.  Even a small root can make its way inside of a pipe and as the root grows, the pipe eventually gets clogged.

The proper flow in a sewage line can become restricted from a buildup of grease, paper or any other waste.  There are also other pipes that can collapse due to soil shifting after a heavy downpour.  Over time, the pipes simply erode while leakage develops in the seals.  It’s pertinent to have your sewer line repaired due to severity that can develop from leaving it untreated.

A clogged sewer line is a very serious problem.  This is a problem that must be fixed right the first time at a timely rate.  The Plumber will get there fast and perform a video sewer line inspection.  We do this by inserting a small snake in drain pipe and by doing this; we can locate the actual blockage causing the problem.  After we have a diagnosis, we then review the problem and talk with you about the best methods to fix this.  Whether this is a minor or major repair, we will explain all the options by giving you an upfront price before we begin any work.

Is your bathtub full of water from a clogged sewer line?  A clogged sewer line is one the most inconvenient plumbing problems.  When these lines get backed up and using a plunger doesn’t even help, you need a plumber there fast.  Flushing a toilet and having it overflow everywhere on the floor is horrific.  Taking a step into the shower to bathe and ending up placing your feet in several inches of backed up sewage water is also horrible.  There are times the toilet back up will rise in a different drain.  Here at The Plumber we know how desperate a person can feel to get the sanitary sewer line, kitchen sink drain, toilet, bathtub or shower drain cleared.  You can count on us to show up as fast as we can to help fix your sewage problem.  In addition to fixing your problem, we will also tell you the cause and how to prevent the same problem in the future.

Septic Tanks Serviced and Repaired in Houston

Are you unsure what the methane smell is coming from?  Septic tanks are found in residential areas not connected to a municipal sewage system.  Septic tanks help decompose waste from bathrooms and kitchens.  All septic tanks need to be maintained to ensure no leaks develop.  Septic tanks carry the risk of system collapses which can result in a fatal fall into cesspools and drywells, unsanitary conditions like viral or bacterial infections or possible methane gas explosions.  The common causes for septic tanks issues are natural wear and tear, the flushing of products that are non-biodegradable, loose pipes, fittings or hoses, or tree roots that have grown into system.  Don’t let a septic system problem make you or your loved ones sick, call The Plumber.

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