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Video Camera Sewer Line Inspection

Houston Sewer System Inspection using Video Camera Line Inspection

Do you need your lines inspected or are your lines continuously getting backed up?  Video camera line inspections are a cost effective method in the plumbing field to fix the problem of backed up lines.  These cameras work by locating drain problems to identify location of obstructions in a sewage system.  We utilize our video camera to travel through the piping in order to get a clear picture of the interior pipes.  A video monitor screen makes it possible to view the progress as we inspect the pipes.  The most common plumbing problems found with a camera line inspection are collapsed, broken, crush or disjoint pipes; pipes sagging or cracking; inline traps; tree root penetration; or sludge buildup.  Video camera line inspections are typically done if there are continuous backups or for the selling or purchasing of a property.


Many homes experience plumbing failures typically when there is a clog or obstruction in the sewer pipe line or the main water line.  Video camera line inspections are the most cost effective and valuable tool utilized in the entire plumbing industry.  Historically, damage usually occurs after time consuming and expensive digging or excavation happens.  With a video camera line inspection, less damage is recorded.  This is because no physical damage has to be completed because the camera can make point of entry without causing the unnecessary damage done by digging.

The purpose of a video camera line inspection is to locate any drain problem in order to determine the exact location and nature of the obstruction within the sewer system.  The Plumber has a very high resolution video camera which will travel into any piping system and provide the necessary view to aid in determining the location of the obstruction within the pipe.

The main reasons people get video camera line inspections are for remodeling issues, the occurrence of a continuous back up or the possible purchasing or selling of a property.

After we diagnose the overall condition of the sewer or water line with our video camera, we then can determine the location and depth of the pipeline for replacement or repair.  We provide you with a written copy of the entire inspection performed.  The Plumber has the best commercial equipment.

Sewer line inspection
The common and most potential impediments and inspection to drainage flow are as follows:
Call The Plumber for your camera inspection.  Our guarantee to you is that we will arrive on time as promised; give you an accurate and precise diagnosis of the problem and take the time to provide you with a solution; provide you with a price up front with no hidden surprises; show respect to you and your property; provide quality work with a high degree of professionalism; clean up as we go and provide a guarantee all workmanship.

We earn our customer’s trust so you can be sure you are receiving the plumbing service you deserve.  We will fix your issue correctly the very first time.  Call The Plumber today for the service you deserve.