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Leak Detection In El Lago, TX. When to Call a Professional Leak Locator Plumber

“Signs of a Hidden Water Leak: When to Call a Professional Plumber

People talk about hidden water leaks and water coming from under a slab or when water is pouring from the ceiling the problem is not as hidden. Ceiling water leaks are not fun. This is a plumbing emergency in El Lago, TX.  A subtle sign of a slab leak is noticing the floor is warm in one spot or an area seems is damp but you did not spill anything.  We have written about high water bills as a frequent reason we get calls.  We hunt and locate hidden leaks!  You are on this page because someting is leaking somewhere!

You want to call a professional plumber for leak detection and emergency pipe replacement rather than attempting a do it yourself solution. Certain types of leaks may be covered by your home owners insurance in Harris County. Avoid mistakes and surprises by reaching out to us in El Lago, TX.  Newer types of pipe replacements have a long life and more durability.

We replace leaking pipes and the pain stops! Call (979) 665-4150 to get a plumber headed to your house!!