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Installation and Replacement of Main Water Service Pipe

Water Main Service Pipes Installed by Houston Plumbers

The Plumber has years of experience in the installation and replacement of the main water service pipe to your Houston home.  The main water line is the line that supplies your office or home with the fresh drinking water you and your family enjoys.  Our plumbers can install the necessary pipes to travel underground, through your property, to determine the exact entry way into your home.  Possible entry ways could be through the concrete slab of your home, through the crawlspace, or through a wall.  Older homes have the possibility of being constructed with galvanized steel, copper or PVC pipes.

Copper can be a real problem and it is oxidized and can easily cause contamination of your water if left untreated.  You should also know that galvanized steel is well known for rusting.  After the rusting process, dangerous rust particles are released in the water you consume each day.  This rust will also clog up water services in your home and can ultimately cause a leaking issue which then leads to a bigger problem – flooding.  PVC piping has its own problems as it tends to get brittle and then crack.  Temperature changes hasten the process of PVC problems.  Some pipes may also be made of blue polybutylene.  This type of material has been replaced with a black poly.  Black poly offers flexibility and doesn’t have the potential to incur pin hole leaks.

The Plumber is very articulate when it comes to our main service pipe installation.  We take every action to minimize any impact to your landscaping or yard work.  We know how hard people work to have a groomed yard and we will not trample on it.  We also make sure we avoid all utilities as well as any irrigation systems to ensure the installation doesn’t cause any damage to existing installations and utilities.  We have years of experience under our belt and a good understanding of ground as well as utilities per code in Houston.

If you have a large service, The Plumber can provide you with the larger diameter installed water line.  From our experience with main service pipes, we advise you to determine the approximate size you will need in order to ensure there is an adequate volume of water along with a good water pressure amount coming through the lines to your business or home.  Our main service pipes are installed in accordance with all Texas building codes and we follow all regulations.  We make sure to secure the proper permits necessary for your remodeling or new construction project for your main water line installation before the job starts.

The Plumber is here to provide you with trustworthy service.  Your business is valued and we look forward to you calling us to install your main service pipes.  Let us provide you with our plumbing service to ensure your job is fixed correctly.