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Plumber Install & Repair
New Fixtures, Appliances, Shower Tubs & Toilets

The Overall Plumber is available to Service Fixtures, Appliances and Floor Drains

Your Full-service Drain Cleaning Solution

Our Galveston/Brazoria/Houston plumbing service will install your new fixture, sink, toilet or appliance.  We have experience in replacing a wide array of fixtures along with the installation process that comes with it.  It doesn’t matter if you have a luxurious bathroom fixture such a steam shower or jetted tub, we can handle it.  We are accustomed to kitchen upgrades like an updated sink install or replace a new dishwasher as well.

The appliances made today are much more complex than they used to be.  Technology has come a long way and we have kept up with it.  In fact, we rely on appliances and fixtures in our everyday life in order to keep our clothes clean, keep our foods fresh and for preparing meals in a flash.

We service ovens, dryers, washers, cook tops, stoves, freezers, refrigerators, vent hoods, trash compactors, garbage disposals, microwave ovens, trash compactors and many more.  We repair all types of appliances such as:

You may not realize how important appliances and fixtures are until you have had one break or if you need a new installation.  Our plumbers are skilled in repairing all models and makes.  We guarantee you we will arrive on time, diagnosis and fix your fixtures or appliances.  If you want your plumbing job done correctly, call a company you can trust – call The Plumber.

Tub Pan Repair and Installation

Is your shower leaky?  The very most important thing which must be done first is to determine exactly where the leak is coming from.  If the leak is coming from the shower pan, it is a MUST to have this inspected because this type of leak is usually caused by a dislodged, broken or faulty shower pan.  Don’t take a chance on your shower pan breaking and know all you need to know about its operation.  A shower tub is everything that makes the floor up in the shower.  The shower pan is designed to direct water into the drain toward the sewer.  The shower pan is made up of the drain assembly, liner and mortar bed flooring.  It is IMPERATIVE that the water continues to go down the drain and not become occluded.  A broken shower pan can be dangerous and must be fixed immediately.

Floor Drain Repair Needed?

Is your water draining properly in your tub?  A floor drain which functions properly is a must as floor drains remove and prevent standing water.  Standing water can cause health issues if not tended to.  Garages, basements, laundry rooms, older bathrooms and patios are quite prone to flooding.  It is imperative your floor drains remain in working order.  Typical floor drain issues are clogging from hair and other debris, crystallization within pipes which comes from soap, sweetened liquids and urine, and pipe line problems which come from accumulation of waste water overflow.

Raw sewage can also block a sewage line which, in turn, blocks the floor drain.  Please note and be aware that if you are able to pour a massive amount of water into a floor drain and you don’t see any overflow, this could indicate that you have a break in the main pipeline.  Call The Plumber today to rid yourself of this unsanitary plumbing problem.  We will come out and fix or replace your floor drain problem on the same day at an affordable price with quality you can rely on.

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