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Grease Traps & Garbage Disposals

Repair and Installation Service in the Houston Area

Houston Based Service On Garbage Disposals and Grease Traps -  Houston Grease Trap Repair Specialists

Does your grease trap keep clogging?  Your grease trap could be trapping grease and this could cause a blockage in the line.  Grease trap clogging is very common as most people don’t have their grease trapped serviced often enough.  Grease traps are meant to prevent grease, oil and solid waste from getting into waste water systems.

Commercial kitchens should always make sure to have grease traps that are in good condition in order to protect the environment from harmful wastes.  Grease traps are not common in most homes because homes typically use garbage disposals.  Remember, all grease trap repairs or installations should be completed by a certified plumber experienced in working with above ground or underground grease traps.

When you are ready to install your grease trap, our technicians at The Plumber will install your new grease trap.  Your new grease trap will help you in preventing clogged pipes and drains.  We will also remove and dispose of your current grease trap.

If you notice any problems with your grease trap, you can call on us and we will take the time to resolve your issue.  The Plumber is always equipped to take care of grease trap repairs and clogs.  By having regular maintenance completed on your grease trap, you can decrease system backups or clogs.  We also offer emergency services to ensure you receive professional and timely repair on any of your plumbing emergencies.

Garbage Disposal Installation and Repair in Houston

Is your garbage disposal making a horrible humming noise?  Garbage disposals are typically one of the most utilized appliances within a home and are prone to a handful of problems.  When a garbage disposal problem occurs, many times there will be a horrible smell, clogged food, a humming sound and sometimes the garbage disposal will not even turn on.

Many don’t realize that there are limitations on what can be dumped into the garbage disposal.  Garbage disposals are very prone to clog with continuous use and the smell of a clogged garbage disposal system is unsanitary.  This smell warrants having a plumber come as soon as possible to return the house back to a fresh smell and rid the house of sewage seeping out.

The Plumber will determine your repair options and the best approach to take in the repair.  We will make sure we never hide any fees and we present the cost to you before even beginning.  Call the Overall Plumber for the dedicated service you deserve.

repipe for garbage disposal
Typical Garbage Disposal Issues:

Clogs.  Clogs can start for a variety of reasons like fibrous tissue, dirt and congealed grease.  It’s important to have your garbage disposal fixed regardless of the reason.  You can call on The Plumber to remove the clog from your garbage disposal system.  We use products that are made to be safe for drain systems.  Keep in mind that the P Trap could be clogged and if this is the situation, we may have to snake the line.

Overload.  If you overload your garbage disposal, it will turn off automatically.  The reason this happens is to prevent the actual garbage disposal from getting too hot.  If your garbage disposal is overheated, it may them need some electrical work.