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We provide back flow plumbing services in Houston.  Back flow devices are installed in order to ensure that your water supply system is safe from pollution and contamination.  The back flow assembly is a series of valves designed in different configurations.  These valves are pertinent in order to keep water from reversing its direction.

Each back flow service must be tested and certified before installation and each year after the installation.  The Plumber will repair, install, tests and certifies your back flow system.

Houston Back Flow Repair, Installation, Certification and Testing SpecialistOur back flow services are as follows:

  • Back flow device installation
  • Back flow device testing
  • Back flow system survey
  • Back flow certification

Back flow prevention is the key and this can be done by preventing substances, liquids or gases from flowing into your pipelines.  When back flow does happen, keep in mind the water is then NOT SAFE to drink.  Not having an adequate amount of water pressure to keep flow intact, a back flow occurs.  It’s important to have a back flow prevention device installed to prevent contaminated water from getting in water distribution system.


One of the simplest methods to stop a back flow from happening is to prevent it.  First, it’s important to know the open area located between where the water gets collected and the fixture location is actually linked to a plumbing system often referred to as the air gap.  In most cities, adequate back flowers are required by law.  These systems should be inspected each year.

Safe drinking water flows to your faucet from the actual water source as long as the back flow system is functioning properly.  Should the back flow device malfunction, the water will flow in a backward motion.  This backward motion is what results in water contamination.  Water contamination is VERY SERIOUS thus proper maintenance is highly critical.

By calling The Plumber you can be assured of our workmanship.  We will service your back flow system properly and provide you with a written guarantee that is backed by a business that’s been serving the Houston area for over 20 years.

Houston Back Flow Repair, Installation, Certification and Testing SpecialistOur back flow installers are experienced and committed to keeping your business or home clean.

When your schedule is busy and you need a plumber who can get to you on time and quickly, call The Plumber and we will be on time.

Our pricing for back flow system service is up front and fair.  We promise not to surprise you with any type of hidden cost.

We know how emergency back flow service needs can arise outside of normal business hours.  You can fully rely on us to show up at a rapid response time any time of the day or night.

If you would like an estimate on your back flow system, we will provide you with a free estimate and typically, we will have a technician sent your way on the same day you call.  When The Plumber provides service, you will be simply amazed at our satisfaction guarantee.  If you are in search of a quality plumber in the Houston area, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.