Commercial Plumbing Service in Houston

Houston Plumber Serving Multifamily, Shopping Centers, Repiping Buildings, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas 


As a Houston area commercial plumbing business, we are able to service all of the various types of office buildings such as office campuses, medical complexes and freestanding banks.  We are very aware how important it is to maintain a clean, safe, quiet and compliant place of business and this is why we take every action to show a great deal of respect to these types of areas while we provide plumbing installations and repairs.  It doesn’t matter if the work consists of complying with ADA requirements, adding a coffee area to an office or repairing the plumbing in the common areas outside or inside the building, we give our best.

Commercial Plumbing Services Houston

Specialized Plumbing Service at Houston Shopping Centers

Plumbing services for shopping centers in Houston are much different than residential plumbing.  Unlike having baths and showers, shopping centers have many hand basins, toilets, dishwashers, taps and sinks.  The piping that goes with this type of commercialized plumbing is more comprehensive and complicated than is found in a residential dwelling.  Plumbers who work on these types of buildings have much more extensive training than other plumbers who are only qualified to work on residential services.  The Plumber takes every measure to stay on top of the latest plumbing service and maintenance to serve customers at a high service level.

Houston Plumbing Service Equipped For Health Care Facilities

The Plumber wants to make sure your medical facility has the most sanitary conditions possible.   Statistically speaking, modern plumbing technology has saved far more lives than all of the medical doctors put together.  We guarantee to show up for emergency services such as ADA compliance, having no hot water, leaks, low pressure, broken pipes, foul odors and stoppages.  We are also experienced in build outs of new medical facilities such as doctor’s office, hospitals, healthcare clinics, nursing homes, retirement homes and group care facilities.

Within a hospital facility, the plumbing is one of the more important utilities and we fully understand how bad it can be for anyone to go without hot water or gas for any time length.  We also know even small sewage smells or stoppages ruin hospitality.  Not only is plumbing necessary for health and sanitary reasons, it is also important for human comfort levels.  Your health care facility’s revenue and reputation depend on the plumbing problems to be fixed.  You can fully trust The Plumber to quickly show up and fix the plumbing issue.  You can call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  In addition to heath care facilities we also service:

Commercial Plumbing Services Houston

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Country Clubs
  • Night Clubs and Bars
  • Golf Courses
  • Leisure, Spa, Fitness and Beauty Salons
  • Sample Wells, Roof Drains, Grease Traps, Kitchen
  • Appliance Connections


Mixed Use and Multi-Family Plumbing Service in Houston

Commercial Plumbing Services Houston

A person’s home is a great asset whether the home is a condo or single family dwelling and our plumbing service in Houston makes sure our plumbing team is trained to respect your home and your money.  We make sure to treat your home as if it’s our very own.  Multi-family homes are where we got our original start in working in the plumbing field and we know all of the many challenges that happen with isolated and common lines, having no hot water, and major backups.  We are specialized in working on boilers and we are available 24 hours a day to keep your property up and running.

The Plumbers services condominiums, apartments, town homes, lofts, student housing, group homes, home owners associations, multi-tenant dwellings and third part management firms.  In addition, we are experienced in providing plumbing service to manufacturing and chemical plants.

Qualified Industrial Commercial Plumbers in Houston

We are experienced to handle your Industrial Commercial Plumbing need in the Houston area.  We have serviced industrial plants, chemical plants, NASAP, TWIC, HASC and manufacturing facilities.  In addition, we have extensive skill and experience in the following plumbing services and fields:

Houston Plumbing Company

  • Ground, Site, Fixtures, Topout and Trim
  • New Construction
  • Ideal Size Project 0-150K
  • Retrofit, Additions
  • Tenant Buildouts,
  • Backflow Certifications
  • HUB Certified, WBEA, TWIC
  • ADA Compliance

The Plumber offers customers complete installation of plumbing systems in Houston and surrounding areas.  Our mission is to provide honest service and the best plumbing services prices and we don’t fluff our prices.